Concrete works

potporni-zid-74-ok-gradnjaConcrete and RFC (reinforced concrete) works are in group of rough construction works. But, as Montenegro is located in the seismic zone IX, its importance and scope deserve more attention.

Contractors and investors in Montenegro, more than elsewhere in the region, are facing a very steep, even inaccessible terrain.  That is why the reinforced concrete retaining walls are almost an essential part of every project and investment. In practice it happens that retaining walls are up to 20% of the entire investment.

“OK Construction” had, only in the year 2012, over 1000 m3 of concrete built into retaining walls. Experience, organization and equipment are key words to achieve these ventures.

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Craft works

mozaik-15-carica-milicaThe most important elements  for  any object  are proper foundation and structural stability . After that, there is waterproofing, which we dedicate great attention because it provides functionality to the object. However, all the effort can be wasted if the object, in it’s final look, not exudes beauty and elegance. 

For that, the final appearance and beauty of the building, THE FINAL AND CRAFT WORKS are in charge. Except that with crafts works facility we provide full functionality, we also give to the object a peculiar character and “soul” 

The number of crafts works is great and some of them are almost in the limits of art. We will mention just some of them: carpentry, locksmith, facade, painting, tiling, parquet, plaster, plumbing, etc..

Whether it is an adaptation of the attic, making mosaics  or construction of a new tavern that should have a look of an ancient  building, “OK Construction” Ltd.  has the solution. In addition to skilled craftsmen in our ranks we have a longtime cooperation with subcontractors, artisans, who will use their knowledge and experience to turn to reality your wildest ideas.  It does not matter whether it is a stone, wood or brick. Photo Gallery CRAFTS  can conjure you  a part of our potential.

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Rough construction work

potporni-zid-55-ok-gradnjaBy ” Rough construction works” means: earthworks and preparation of the structure, ie. making the supporting parts of the building: foundation, walls and reinforced concrete slabs.

Earthworks include: preparing the ground for construction, cutting shrubs, grading, foundation excavation and removal of debris.

Rough construction work included reinforcement and concreteing works. Basic RFC (reinforced concrete) works are related to the production of building foundations, reinforced concrete slabs and retaining walls. Depending on the projected static system, concrete slabs can be done as full slabs or as Easy Ceiling Mounting (ECM),in the “Fert” system, “Ytong” system  or in some other system.

Retaining walls are a very important part of landscaping and solving building site problems. In practice, most investors underestimate the importance of this part of the project and its financial value.

Earthy and reinforced concrete works are rough works in the construction industry, from whose quality depends the development of stability and safety of any object or building.

“OK Construction” Ltd. offers services for rough construction works and supervision of the same.

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8-fasadaFaçade works are in the group of CRAFT WORKS. But, there are no other element  that have so much impact on the character of your building project, so  we have to extract it.

Craft works associated with building facades vary from conceptual design. These are painting works on a first place followed by stonework, locksmith, carpentry and tinsmith works.

Painting works – New materials and technologies provide a wide choice when it comes to deciding on the final finish of the façade and a computer mixed color tone can satisfy the choosiest investor.  “OK Construction” has enough scaffolding and skilled workers and is able to meet any demand.

Stone works – Will the facade be more or less covered with stone, is the matter of preliminary design or project. Also, there is a large selection of both domestic and imported stone. With reliable suppliers and great masters “OK Construction” can satisfy any request.

Locksmith works – Balcony and stairs fence make most of  locksmith works at the facility. They can be classical-forged or from stainless material. All, again, depends on the project and budget. “OK Construction” has knowledge and experience that can fulfill your every request.

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bazen-djenovici-2012-14-ok-gradnjaO.K. Gradnja d.o.o. (OK Construction) is engaged in a complete design, construction, technical equipment for indoor and outdoor pools, whether they are for private or public use. If you want a swimming pool in your home, or in your yard, contact us. We’ll do what it takes to make a swimming pool a reality in your home. From the stage of conceptual design of the pool, choice of technology, development of a pool accessories to  the regular maintenance of your pool.

This is probably the most attractive, but also the most complex investments. If well planned and done, the pool will certainly justify the investment, as it will no doubt become a central place for family and social gatherings. For any swimmingpool it is important to fit the shape and size of the environment around you and to suit your needs and life style. And of course to entrust the design and works to professional team who will, following your desires, propose the best solutions.

New materials and technologies will give wings to your imagination.

Creating pools should be evaluated systematically, thinking in advance about all the details, such as how near is the house, yard layout, the configuration of the building site… and of course thinking of funds, budget, that you have.

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Hidroizolacija OK Gradnja - Budva

Get rid of the moisture now and forever! If you have the problem with the moisture in the apartment or house, and you do not know what to do, then you are at the right place!
Protection of new and rehabilitation of existing (old) buildings from moisture and water penetration various materials and methods of execution hidroizolaterskih work is one of our activities.

The concept of sealing, waterproofing is  wide. Depending on how much you want to invest in solving your problems with moisture and water, depends the quality, durability and workmanship.Waterproofing is basically a variety of technical procedures that protect all the parts of the object or building that are temporarily or permanently affected by water or moisture, regardless of their source. Thus, the selection of appropriate materials, components and proper fit is crucial.

Another very important thing: If waterproofing of certain parts of the building, which were later unavailable (basement, ground floor, …) you do not do well and on time, the financial effect of the subsequent resolution of the problem for you can be very painful.

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